Whitesburg KY

Now here’s a tip

• “For nice, evenly sliced mushrooms, use an egg slicer for cutting. It’s supereasy to use, since a boiled egg and a nice white mushroom are almost the same size. I get good, uniform slices with the slicer.” — P.E. in Colorado

• Try auto polish on tough bathtub stains. There is a little more grit in it than the usual bathroom cleaners. Be sure to rinse well, and don’t rub too hard, as it may scratch the tub surface.

• “Tissue boxes can be used to hold plastic baggies under the sink in the bathroom. I use grocery-store bags to line my bathroom trashcan. I choose a colorcoordinated tissue box that has been emptied, fill it with the plastic liners and then set it under the sink or toilet tank. It’s still nice-looking, even though it’s out of the way, and I have baggies at the ready.” — E.R. in Mississippi

• “Return envelopes that come with junk mail can be saved and repurposed as coupon holders/grocery lists. I tuck my weekly coupons inside and write my list on the back of the envelope, which usually is blank.” — C.G. in Oregon

• To keep track of takeout menus, use a three-prong notebook with an assortment of sheet protectors. Insert the menu into a sheet protector and file away. You can group menus by cuisine or by price.

• Tired of losing matched socks? Purchase a large delicates bag for each family member. Put dirty socks in the personal bag so that they cannot be lost.

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