Whitesburg KY

Now here’s a tip

• If you like your coffee fresh and strong but not so hot, make a small tray of ice cubes out of coffee to cool your morning cup.

• “Always dust from the top down. My mom taught me that, since the dust falls and then you vacuum it up at the end. Also, don’t use too much furniture polish, since using a lot can actually attract dust.” — B.O. in Pennsylvania

• “Keep leftover slices of good meat and veggies in zipper-lock plastic baggies and freeze. When you make canned soups, just add the appropriate bits from your baggie. It really bulks up the soups, and you save money and don’t waste precious food.” — P.R. in California

• To calm flyaway tresses, rub ChapStick on your palms and then run your palms over your hair to smooth it.

• For a great springtime facial, mash up a small can (or a snack-size serving) of peaches in juice. Add to it 2 to 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar and gently massage into skin. Let sit for a minute or two and then rinse with warm water.

• “Styrofoam peanuts are great for adding to the bottom of plants for drainage. You can usually get some for free if you get packages in the mail. If not, you can ask your local shipping store for a few handfuls, and they are usually quite gracious. Mine is.” — A.R. in Florida

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