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Now here’s a tip

• “I had to pick up a bunch of BBs that spilled in our garage. It was very aggravating, until I decided to get out my vacuum. I put a very thin sock (didn’t have any panty hose) on the end and tucked it into the hose. I secured it with a zip tie. I was able to suck up most of the BBs, and they went right back in the container.” — E.L. in North Carolina

• If you make your own broth, you can freeze cubes in easy-to-measure amounts by using your muffin tin. Measure out broth in half-cup or cup amounts, then freeze. When done, pop them out into a freezer-safe baggie.

• Try this trick to increase the volume on your iPod ( without earbuds, that is): Place it in a deep bowl. The bowl amplifies and directs the sound.

• Chrome is easily cleaned and shined up with vinegar. Keep a misting bottle in the bathroom to give handles a quick swipe after getting ready in the morning or evening.

• Ice cream cones with a flat bottom make a great container for cupcakes. Fill cones two-thirds full with batter, bake as directed and you have cupcake cones! Frost and go!

• I sew looped tags onto the corners of our family’s wash cloths. My husband installed several hooks in the shower, and when we’re finished with our wash cloth, we hang it up by the tag after rinsing it out. They do not mildew this way, because they are allowed to dry.

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