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Now here’s a tip

• What’s the best way to keep sheet sets together? Tuck all the pieces in a matching pillowcase, of course.

• Need to hull strawberries? Try using a straw. Position the straw at the bottom of the strawberry, then push up toward the stem. It works quickly and well.

• If you mount a magnet strip in your bathroom or on your vanity, you can use it to hold bobby pins or metal barrettes. Or mount a ribbon to hold all kinds of hair clips.

• Baby leg protectors are cute. And cheap, if you have some old athletic socks. Cut off the ends, slip over baby’s legs, and watch cutie scoot across the floor.

• If your entertainment electronics have a clock that is too bright, cover it with plain tape. You’ll still be able to read the time, but the tape will lessen the glare.

• “ My in- laws have a vaulted ceiling, and there is a corner that even the longest- handled duster won’t reach. My brilliant son had an idea to get down the cobwebs that had accumulated there. He used a rubber band to secure a dishtowel around a tennis ball. Then he just tossed it at the area repeatedly. I can’t believe how well it worked.” — A Reader, via email

• If new denims are too stiff, add half a cup of salt to the wash water along with your regular detergent.

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