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Mostly sunny

Now here’s a tip

• An easy way to clean really dirty blinds is to lay them in the bathtub to soak in an oxygen cleaner. Use a washcloth to get the dirt off and hang them over the shower curtain to drip-dry.

• Dear JoAnn: Whenever I am baking something and the recipe calls for, say, 1 cup of honey (or some other sticky substance), I pour the honey into the measuring cup but then have a hard time getting all the honey back out of the cup and into the mixing bowl. Any suggestions? – C.E. in Florida

Dear C.E.: A lot of people face this problem. Rinse the measuring cup with water right before measuring, or spray with nonstick cooking spray! – JoAnn

• “I have two guest bedrooms that hardly get used until the holidays. I keep the beds made up, but when I am expecting guests, I usually will strip the beds to freshen the sheets and blankets. I toss the sheets into the dryer with a fabric-softener sheet and hang the blanket outside in the sunshine for several hours. It always does the trick, and I don’t need to wash linens that are already clean!” – U.C. in California

• Here’s a wonderful tip from V.C. in Kentucky: To save trees, tear your tissues into thirds. Fold an open tissue in half, then tear with the grain into thirds. “Good for small jobs, tearing eyes, sniffles. Store in the old tissue box. Works for me!”

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