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Partly sunny

Now here’s a tip

• “Technology can be really helpful, especially if you have very little storage area for papers. I had a trustworthy neighborhood teenager come over and help me scan in all my important documents. I have everything on CDs or flash drives, and have given copies to appropriate people. She showed me how to scan a copy of warranty receipts so that I can find the information I need quickly if I have an electronic item or appliance break down.” — T.L. in Massachusetts

• D.B. in Minnesota has this to share: When you are going fishing and only bringing a couple of lures, use an old, empty pill container. Holds well and you won’t get poked!

• Oranges are wonderful treats and full of delicious fiber and vitamin C. Save your peels and stash them in a net bag hanging from your rearview mirror for just a day or two. As they dry, they give off the best smell.

• Need to take pills daily? Set a reminder on your cellphone. Most have alarm functions, and it works!

• “My friend and I found some great vintage spice bottles at a garage sale. We decided that since we got such a good deal, we would treat ourselves to a few new, interesting spices that were a little pricey — and we went in half on them.” E.D. in Illinois

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