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Now here’s a tip

• It’s tough to eat homecooked meals as a single eater — most recipes are geared for multiple portions, and you probably don’t want to eat the same thing for five days straight. Try this: Get together with some friends and have a potluck. Each guest brings an entree and at least two side dishes, in extra-large portions, and his or her own leftovers containers. Split the food up amongst the guests, packaged as meals. Everyone can cook once and eat for a week.

• “If your baby gets very rashy on her backside, try to give her some “air time” each day. Just an hour a day with no diaper has made a big difference in my baby girl’s rash.” — H.P. in Illinois

• “ Leftover dry- erase calendars make good bingo card bases. Cut out a 5 by 5-inch section, and use a permanent marker to fill the squares with small random numbers. Make matching call cards from the unused squares. Place the call cards in a sandwich baggie and the rest in a larger plastic bag. Include a couple of dry-erase markers, and you have a set that can be used anywhere (ours is in the car) over and over again.” — E.W. and S.D. in Oregon

• Did you have too much fun last summer? Be ready to soothe that sun-kissed skin this year with frozen aloe vera. Use an ice-cube tray to freeze aloe vera gel, and let the soothing begin!

• Control kids’ artwork with a digital photo album. Take photos of the best pictures of the month, then arrange them in a scrapbook template and print them out. Keep the pages in a three-ring binder. Label with the child’s name.

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