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Now here’s a tip

• “Keep frosting looking glossy — with your hair dryer. Before guests come over, give the whole cake a once over holding the hair dryer about 7-10 inches away from the frosting and set on high. It will soften the frosting, giving the cake a just-made look.” — R.L. in California

• Remove hard-water stains and mineral deposits from your showerhead with this trick: Fill a zip-lock baggie halfway with warm vinegar. Immerse your showerhead in the baggie and secure it to the pipe with a rubber band. Let it hang for an hour or so, then release the bag and scrub the showerhead with a soft toothbrush.

• “There are so many different ways to pay bills these days that it can be hard to keep track of those that need to be mailed. Here’s a great way to remember when to pay a bill so that it always gets there on time: I used to write the due dates of my bills on my calendar. Now I write the pay-by date for each bill instead. For bills that go in the mail, I write a date on the calendar that’s a week ahead of when it is due. For bills that are paid online, I write a date three days ahead of the due date, and for automatic payments, I deduct the money from the paycheck BEFORE the draft is made. Now I never miss a due date.” — T.F. in Indiana

• You might not have a blackboard in your home, but keep a clean blackboard eraser around to get streaks off of freshly cleaned windows. It works really well in the car, too!

• Change your air filter to save money this summer. Be sure to change it once a month to keep your air conditioner working at its most efficient.

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