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Now here’s a tip

• Use a bandana to strain coffee if you’ve accidentally had a filter bust. It works. I first used this tip when camping, but I have used it at home, too. The coffee goes through it faster than a paper filter, which is fine when it’s already brewed, since you lose less heat. — T.R. in Arkansas

• Recycling notes: Cardboard that’s greasy or foodcaked is just not recyclable. It’s trash. On the plus side, your glass jars don’t have to be perfectly clean, nor your cans crushed, in order to take them to the recycling center or drop curbside if your community has a plan in place.

• “To freshen stuffed animals, dampen a cloth with a solution of 1 cup vinegar and 3 cups water. Wipe outside fur thoroughly, being careful not to soak it. Secure in a delicates bag or tie inside a pillowcase, then put in the dryer at low heat until completely dry. Adding a fabric softener sheet for the final five minutes is nice, too.” — D.W. in Oklahoma

• Here’s a wonderful tip from Fibrenew, a leather, vinyl and plastics refurbishing specialist, on what to do if you get ink on your leather car seats: “DON’T use dish soap or hair spray to remove the marks. The degreasing agents in dish soap can permanently degloss and damage the top coating on the leather surface. Hair spray, another commonly recommended remedy, has alcohol in it and will ruin the surface coating on your leather.” Use a special leather-cleaning kit instead, or contact a local professional to fix it for you.

• “Remove tea stains from your teapot with a few drops of bleach added to a pot of hot water. Let sit for five or so minutes, then swish with a brush. Most tea stains will come right out. Be sure to rinse well.” — A.A. in Florida

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