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Now here’s a tip

• To soothe minor burns in the kitchen, use the cut side of a raw potato pressed into the burn area for a minute or two.

• “Personal appliances can get very dirty and can harbor many species of bacteria. One of the worst, in my opinion, is the cellphone. Make sure you clean it regularly by wiping front and back surfaces with a soft cloth dampened with alcohol. We touch our phones with our hands, and press them into our faces. It’s just smart to keep them clean.” — W.D. in Indiana

• Grilling season is in full swing. A great way to clean the grill surface is by using a wad of aluminum foil. It can be pressed into the grate to get all the gunk off, both before or after grilling.

• “I love my windowbox planters, but I would always get dirt splashed on my windows or the sill when it rained. My friend advised me to put a shallow layer of small gravel over the dirt. It looks nice and there is no splatter after watering or rain.” – R.L. in Washington

• To remove sticky residue from photo frames, try hairspray. Spray on, let sit for just a minute, then wipe off.

• “When you have small children, always hang a hand towel over the door of the bathroom so they can’t lock themselves in and get scalded with hot water.” — J.R. in Virginia

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