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Now here’s a tip

• Save the rubber bands from broccoli. You can put them around the body of a drinking glass so it will be less slippery as water condenses on it.

• “I save the wrappers from my unsalted butter sticks in a baggie in my refrigerator. I use them to grease a pan when baking.” — M.M. in Wisconsin

• Corn is best cooked within a day or two of being picked, so farm-stand corn is the best. Add a little bit of milk to the cooking water, and it will bring out the natural sweetness.

• Cherries are in season! Much like strawberries, they need to be kept refrigerated but taste best at room temperature. Before eating your cherries, let them sit out for about a half-hour. Mmmmm.

• Dried lentils don’t need to be soaked prior to cooking like other dried beans. And they’re packed with protein.

• “If you lose a contact lens and can’t find it right off, try turning out the lights and shining a flashlight across the ground. The lens might reflect the light and cause a flash. That will make it easier to find.” — T.L. in Texas

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