Whitesburg KY

Now here’s a tip

• “The kids are all home for the summer, which means more TV squabbles. We limit their television viewing with coupons, which they can use to “reserve” the TV. They write the time they’d like to use the television, in 30-minute increments, on the coupon, and it gets taped to the inside cabinet of the entertainment center. This has worked well, since it’s first-come, first-served”. — R.E. in Tennessee

• If you are counting calories, check out the website of fast-food restaurants you frequent, and you can decide ahead of time what items fit best in your diet.

• “ To clean my glass lighting fixtures, I take them down, dust them off and use a toothbrush on any intricate dirt areas, then I stack them in the dishwasher’s top rack. I run it without cleaner, and it does a terrific job.” — a Reader in Oregon

• If your stomach gets irritated when you take aspirin, make sure you’re taking it with a full glass of water. Too little water will result in an upset tummy.

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