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Now here’s a tip

• Got lots of fresh herbs from your summer garden? Hang bunches upside down in a cool, dry place for a week or so, and then crumble the leaves into small jars. Voila: your own dried herbs.

• “Want super-crunchy fries at home? Soak potato pieces in very cold water for an hour (fridge is best, or add ice often); dry and fry. Drain well, dust LIGHTLY with flour and quick-fry one more time for only a minute or so.” — T.C. in Idaho

• If you want to cool your canned drinks quickly, add water to the cooler with a lot of ice, submerge all drinks below the ice line, and wait about 20 minutes. Without the water, it takes much longer. The water extends the surface contact of the ice.

• To keep your ladder from sinking into soft sand or dirt, put each leg into a can or bucket. It creates a much larger surface area, thereby stabilizing the legs.

• If you run out of bleach, add four tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to a small load of whites.

• “Be certain to use only distilled water in your iron. The water from the tap can leave mineral stains on clothing, and will destroy your iron if you use it all the time.” — R.E. in Louisiana

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