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Now here’s a tip

• When traveling this summer, bring a chip clip or other hinged clip with you. You can use it to keep the curtains closed in your hotel room.

• “To keep my car looking nice, I keep it clean inside and out. One trick I have is to keep a few paper towels dampened with window cleaner in a resealable plastic baggie. I’m ready as soon as something needs to be cleaned up.” — B.U. in South Carolina

• “If you have an empty non-aerosol hairspray bottle, you can add some rubbing alcohol to it for cleaning purposes. You also can spray your hands, using it like a hand sanitizer.” — A.A. in Pennsylvania

• “When you need to rescrew something and find the hole is stripped out, sharpen a pencil to a point, stick it in the hole and snap the end off. You’ll have new wood to screw into.” — C.A. in Florida

• Want beachy highlights? Do them the oldfashioned way. Get lemon or lime juice, splash it on your hands and run your hands over your hair. If you’re out in the sun, those areas will lighten.

• Line your vegetable bin with clean newspaper to keep moisture down.

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