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Partly sunny

Now here’s a tip

• Fireworks can be a lot of fun for the kids, especially sparklers. To keep it safe, use a water bucket for spent sparklers. Another idea is to have an adult stationed at the bucket. The children must “turn in” a used sparkler to get a new one. Kids love to hear the “sizzle” when the hot metal touches the water, their feet won’t get burned on hot sparklers underfoot, and there will be no stray sparklers in the grass hidden for later.

• “Keep a globe or world map in your living room or family room, along with a dictionary. This way, you can look up the meaning or spelling of a word if you hear it on television, and you’ll be able to reference the map for places mentioned. I consult mine often.” — P.A. in Florida

• “I use the large pails of kitty litter. They have a lid that can be removed completely, but also have a pour spout. I save my empties to collect rainwater. I remove the lid and set them out to catch water when it rains, then put the lid on so that the water does not attract mosquitoes. I use it to water my flowers between storms.” — A Reader, via email

• “Purchase a variety of wooden frames from secondhand stores or tag sales, and paint them all one color. It makes a statement when you hang them all close together on a wall. We created a nice large display this way, and it was very inexpensive to do.” — E.M. in Arizona

• Create your own charging station: Find a wooden box large enough to hold a multistrip power connection and pretty enough to sit on the counter. Drill one hole in the side to fit the plug. In the top of the box, create holes through which you can fit your electronics connecters (cellphones, iPods, camera, etc.). All the cords will be stored in the box, out of sight.

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