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Now here’s a tip

• “I used double-faced tape to stick a couple of clothespins inside the cabinet under my sink. That way, I can hang my gloves under the sink when I’m finished with the dishes.” — T.C. in Minnesota

• Help nylons and tights retain elasticity by giving them a final rinse in diluted vinegar before hanging to dry. Never add nylons to a heat dryer.

• “I purchase extra school supplies when back- toschool time brings the sales. Inevitably, we need extras as the school year wears on, and these items can be pricier later.” — Y.C. in Alabama

• “A tip for setting your table: Always put pretty plastic placemats on the table first. Then your pretty cloth napkins and placemats over these. When you’re ready to eat, just remove the cloth placemats and napkins, and you’ll still have a pretty table to serve your guests.” — J.R. in Virginia

• Ease the weekdaymorning time crunch by planning your wardrobe on the weekends. Use a single hanger to gather everything you need for a smart, pulledtogether look. Attach a plastic sandwich bag with accessories to the hanger with a clothespin, and you’ll be dressed in minutes.

• If your bananas start to brown on the outside, put them in the fridge. They’ll still get brown, but the inside will stay firm instead of getting mushy.

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