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Now here’s a tip

• “Before I pluck my eyebrows, I rub on a bit of my granddaughter’s teething gel. She’s done teething and doesn’t need it anymore, but it works well for me. Be very careful to apply, let dry and wash your hands before touching your eye any further!” — M.L. in California

• When microwaving items of different sizes, arrange the largest parts toward the outside of the plate for more even cooking.

• Lemon juice mixed with coarse salt makes an inexpensive copper cleaner.

• “When going fishing and you are only bringing a couple of lures, use an old, empty pill container. It holds them well, and you won’t be poked.” — D.B. in Minnesota

• When figuring the cost of moving yourself versus using a service, be sure to consider the cost of your time and your health. And be certain that you are able to drive the moving van if you rent a large truck.

• If you don’t keep a lot of food in your freezer, why not fill large gallon-size zippertop bags with ice cubes? You will always have plenty of ice on hand, and your freezer won’t have to work as hard to keep the items in it frozen.

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