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Now here’s a tip

  • “Since it’s the season to be planting bulbs for spring flowers, I have this unique method for knowing exactly where I’ve planted – no stakes needed. Spray the spot with orange fluorescent spray paint (like the highway workers and plumbers use). It doesn’t wash away in wet weather and will keep you from digging there or planting something on top in the spring.” – W.V.R. in Oregon

  • “We have a cookie-making party every year, and we serve a nice lunch before launching into the cookies. This year, we decided to be very festive and used cookie cutters for napkin rings. They were raved about!” – B.L. in New Jersey

  • We’ve received much mail regarding the reuse of plastic water bottles. Readers who are for it cite the convenience and the environmental impact when plastic is not recycled or reused. Readers who are against it comment on the risk of bacteria buildup. The bottom line is this: Treat a bottle as you would any other cup; wash between uses with hot, soapy water, and allow the bottle to air-dry. Be sure to recycle when finished.

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