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Now here’s a tip

• “To clean the mouthpiece on the telephone in my home, I dip a soft toothbrush into rubbing alcohol, shake off any excess and use it to brush the holes in the handset clean. I do this weekly during cold and flu season.” — M. in Minnesota

• To keep track of rolls of tape or other rolled items in your shop, hang a length of chain from two “S” hooks on your pegboard. They will be readily accessible, and you can tear off what you need.

• “If you use those little plastic key-ring cards for store rewards accounts and discount programs, you can keep them easily organized in a small photo brag book. These books can be found at drugstores and big-box retailers, and are meant for a small collection of wallet-size pictures. However, if you put your cards in one, it’s easy to flip through to find the correct card to scan.” — R.I. in Arkansas

• Fill an easy-to-use hand-soap dispenser with body wash or shampoo for kids to use in the bath or shower.

• “Here’s a fun idea for place cards at Thanksgiving (coming up in Canada): Scan in and print out a photo of each guest as a child. Laminate it and attach it to a pretty piece of ribbon with a glue gun. Use the ribbon to tie up a napkin and/or utensils. Guests will have a good time trying to guess who’s who and reminiscing about days gone by.” — P.D. in Ontario, Canada

• When working with juicy items (lemons, watermelon, etc.) on a cutting board, try placing the board on a kitchen towel. When the juices run off the edge, they’ll be caught by the towel. Cleanup will be easy!

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