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Now here’s a tip

• Fill your salt and pepper shakers one-quarter of the way with uncooked white rice. Dry rice will allow the salt or pepper to flow more freely from the shaker. If your shaker is opaque, you can tell it’s time to add more salt or pepper when the shaker starts to rattle.

• Mark old toothbrushes with masking tape so you can tell the difference between cleaning brushes and those you use for your teeth. You can clean a toothbrush in the dishwasher. Put it with the silverware.

• Because fabric-softener sheets can leave residue on the dryer’s lint trap, clean yours out at least every other month. Just scrub with plain old soap and water.

• “Add this to the list of wonderful cleaners for wood floors: tea. Just brew a couple of cups and use the tea as you would your regular wood-floor cleaner. It’s nice and shiny afterward.” — P.L. in Oregon

• Use a turkey baster to “squirt” pancake batter into your frying pan. Mix the batter as normal and unscrew the top of the baster to load. You can use it to make letters for fun kids’ breakfasts. No drips!

• “If you have trouble opening the lid on a glass jar, try using a pair of standard dishwashing gloves. They let you grip both the lid and the jar, and they work especially well if your hands are the least bit moist.” — D.Y. in Pennsylvania

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