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Now here’s a tip

• When you’re in a hurry, dry erase markers and permanent markers sometimes look the same. Ever grabbed a marker to write a note on a dry-erase white board and found that it wouldn’t wipe off? To remove permanent marker from a white board, try using a pencil eraser. Rub lightly on the marker areas only, working from the outside in. It should come off.

• Rusty bicycle handles can be unsightly and a pain. Make a paste of salt and lemon juice (3 parts salt, 1 part lemon juice), and use it to rub the rust away with a dry cloth.

• What will you do with all that candy from trick-ortreating? Make your holiday cookie plans now, and you can freeze some for later baking use.

• Many more of us nowadays are using reusable fabric shopping bags. A few cities have banned the use of plastic bags for retail shops. These fabric bags are much better for the environment, and can hold a lot more groceries per bag. One thing many people forget to do is wash them. You can take out the plastic insert (if there is one) and toss the bags in the washing machine. Hang to dry, and you’ll be carrying around a much cleaner bag!

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