Whitesburg KY

Now here’s a tip

• Have a stiff straw or corn broom? To keep the ends in shape, cut a band that’s about 4 inches wide from an old pantyhose leg. Slip it over the bristles to keep them together.

• Act now to prevent burst downspouts from ice. Clean out leaves and debris from the gutter and add a topper of wire mesh. It will allow water to flow freely, preventing ice dams from forming.

• If you buy a pair of shoes that you LOVE so much you find you’re wearing them almost every day, go back to the store and get a second pair. The lifespan of a pair of shoes is dramatically reduced by overwearing them. Make a mark inside to distinguish the pairs, and alternate them.

• “An old pill bottle can make a handy dispenser for rolls of stamps. Remove the top and cut a slit into the side of the bottle using a handsaw. Set the roll of stamps into the bottle, guiding the end out of the slit. Replace lid.” — A.F. in Connecticut

• “This is a senior tip, but it’s useful for everyone! If you get a new pair of shoes that are slick on the bottoms, get a piece of sandpaper and scuff up the soles to get some traction.” —L.L. in Alabama

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