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Now here’s a tip

• If you run out of buttermilk, you can use an equal amount of yogurt, preferably the nonsweetened, plain variety, but you can adjust the sugar in a recipe slightly if your yogurt is favorably flavored.

• When entertaining, keep cold drinks in a cooler away from the kitchen. This keeps the floor space free for the cooks.

• Soften brown sugar quickly by grating it on a fine hand grater. If you have a bit more time, add an apple to the container and seal tightly.

• “Day-old bread makes excellent hand-made croutons. Slice, spray with cooking spray and season with whatever spices on hand sound good. Toast in a 300 degree F. oven for 10 minutes or so. They are especially good with soups.” — S.S.D. in Maryland

• Gotta keep those buns warm? Line your crockpot with foil and add the buns. Keep on low or warm, and place on the buffet. Yum.

• “When making platters of fruit that may brown (apples, pears), coat slices with lemon juice. The acid keeps them from browning.” — T.P. in Washington

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