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Now here’s a tip

• Don’t throw away that damaged garden hose. Here are three great ideas: 1) Use as a weatherstrip along the bottom of your garage door. 2) Use sections to protect the blades on your ice skates. 3) Use as a safety edge on your saws in the shop. Cut to fit, and slip it over the blade.

• “If a small screw keeps coming loose on something, remove it, paint it with clear nail polish and quickly rescrew it. This often does the trick. Makes it more grippy.” — I.W. in Minnesota

• Doggie has a greasy coat, but it’s too cold for a bath? Liberally sprinkle your pup with baking soda or cornstarch. Rub into coat and brush out.

• “Those soft cardboard sleeves that light bulbs come in are really great for mailing photos. If you fold them flat, you can slip your pics inside, and it will go right into an envelope. They’ll be nice and protected.” — D.L. in Georgia

• “If your curling broom is losing its spring, try trimming the bristles a little bit. This worked for me.” — R.D. in Canada (Tipsters: Curling is an ice sport.)

• Defog your mirror with shaving cream. Smear it over the entire surface, and then wipe away with a clean towel. Keep cleaning until clear. It works for at least two weeks — NO FOG!

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