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Now here’s a tip

• “Digital picture books are very easy to make these days, and they make great gifts. But here’s a way we use our digital photos to keep the kids engaged at family gatherings. Each family prints out a selection of photos. We let the kids make their own books using half sheets of paper, glue and markers. They design frames, etc. After they have several pages done, we tie them together and make a cover of heavy cardstock. It’s a great take-home craft, a special souvenir for visitors and it gets them talking about family moments.” — R.E. in Alabama

• Want to mix it up a bit with your traditional chocolate chip cookies? Try rolling them in different types of chopped nuts or sprinkles. Even crushed pretzels are really good. Or change the flavor of the chip. Add minced dried fruit, quick oats or other seeds for a change of taste. Melt chocolate chips and dip one side in it, then let dry on waxed paper. Endless possibilities!

• At a loss for what to do with Christmas cards from years past? Why not make a wreath? Cut out a large ring from a cardboard box or other sturdy material. Arrange cards at different angles around the circle. Add decorative holiday picks or sprays, and ribbon or bow for depth.

• Having a holiday party? Put food and drinks in separate areas, as these are places that guests tend to linger. With different stops for each, guests will not bunch up in one place trying to do both, and it actually encourages mingling!

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