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Now here’s a tip

Last month I asked readers to share their holiday traditions. Here are some responses.

• “Some of my best memories come from baking Christmas cookies. We used to pick our favorite recipe to make with Granny on Christmas Eve, then we’d set out those cookies for Santa. It was very special. I still do this with my grandchildren.” – C.C. in Indiana

• “This is a tradition that I enjoyed as a child and that my husband and I enjoy even more as parents. Growing up, we’d wake up Christmas morning with a present at the foot of our beds. It was magical to wake up to a part of Christmas right there in the room. We still do this today, usually tucking the gift we think our kids will enjoy best or are anticipating the most at the foot of their beds.” – T.C., via e-mail

• “Hi, JoAnn. My sister lived in Pennsylvania when we lived in California. Every year, we’d send ‘auntie’ a scrapbook of our little girl’s ‘stuff’ for Christmas. For example, a letter from our daughter to her aunt, photos, artwork, schoolwork (A’s, of course), an annual interview (of favorite things, just like she was a pop star). The scrapbooks were fun to make, and my sister loved seeing her niece grow. Eventually she gave them back to her. Thanks!” – M. Smith in Washington

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