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Now here’s a tip

• Too many dishes and cups and not enough cabinet space? Try rotating your serving pieces as you would a wardrobe. Use different patterns for different seasons.

• “When you need to quickly clean the microwave and there is stuck-on food, thoroughly saturate a washcloth or dishrag with water and microwave it for about a minute. Leave it in the microwave for another minute, and then use it to wipe away the food. It comes off like magic! (Always check the cloth to make sure it is not too hot to handle first.)” — N.C., via e-mail

• “Here’s a great discovery our family made after a recent snowstorm. It’s fun to paint on snow. Use wide paintbrushes and watercolors. Mist the snow with a water bottle to create a semi-hard surface, then paint away. We used sticks and leaves to create a border and took photos of our ‘creations.’ This way we have a memory of it after it melts away.” — R.O. in Ohio

• “I save the plastic containers that margarine comes in. Then buy fresh fruit, cut it up and store it in the containers in individual servings. I usually do a few days’ worth at a time, so if my containers are still in the fridge, I know I haven’t been eating enough fruit.” — E.C. in California

• “If I am going to fry up burger patties for hamburger night, I always do about a dozen extra. They freeze well and make an easy, quick supper on nights I don’t feel like cooking.” — F.F. in Missouri

• “I get a lot of magazines and always felt bad about getting rid of them. Now I take them to my local nursing-home facility. The residents appreciate them, and I have found that I enjoy the visit when I drop them off.” — P.C. in Oklahoma

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