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Now here’s a tip

• To store asparagus, trim off the ends and wrap the spears in a few paper towels that you have dampened. Keep it in the fridge for two days max. This will keep it very fresh and tasty.

• “To stretch your food dollar — especially now that the weather is colder, and soups and stews are daily fare — substitute peas, beans and lentils for meats whenever possible. Not only will this semi-vegetarian diet keep your food dollars down, it will make you healthier, and it’s a more eco-friendly diet.” — K.F. in Connecticut

• If you add dried fruit or raisins to your batter for cakes or muffins, roll them or shake them in flour first. This will prevent them from sinking down to the bottom of the pan.

• Bathroom fan reminder: When you leave your bathroom fan running excessively, you are pumping heat out of your house. Set a timer for 10 minutes maximum, and then turn it off.

• “Old pantyhose can be washed and cut up to use as stuffing for a toy. The same is true for other lightweight materials. This can be a good way to get one more use out of something rather than putting it in the trash bin.” — P.L. in Pennsylvania

• If your bathtub has a grainy or rough texture, try soaking the bath in vinegar, either by adding a large bottle to some water and plugging it up, or by laying down a towel and soaking it in vinegar. Scrub and remove.

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