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Now here’s a tip

• “It can be tricky to add new keys to a key ring, especially if you don’t have much of a fingernail. I have found a foolproof way to get the key started. Just use a staple remover. It works wonders!” — T.R. in Indiana

• If you have small scratches in your wood furniture, try this old trick: Rub a walnut over dings to cover them up. Or find a matching brown crayon, rub it lightly into the scratch, and finish with a hair dryer held 10 inches away for about 10-15 seconds. It melts the wax of the crayon, and then you can buff it with a soft rag. Any excess is swept away, and the color remains.

• Got small kids? If your little one keeps rolling out of his bed, here’s a tip: Use a pool noodle tucked under the fitted sheet, lengthwise along the edge of the bed. It’s just enough of a bumper to send a sleeping child back to the center of the mattress.

• “ If you have mismatched picture frames that you’d like to use, try spray-painting them all the same color. I had several that were different colors and a little bit beat up, but I wanted to use them in one big group. I painted them all glossy black, and they look great!” — W.F. in Arkansas

• Hanging shoe racks are a wonderful organizational tool — especially the ones made of plastic that have see-through pockets. You can use them on the back of your bathroom door for small towels and toiletries, or how about on the back of baby’s door as a diaper organizer? My favorite use is on the back of my garage door to hold all the cleaning bottles and solutions with other supplies. They are nice and high, and out of reach of little hands.

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