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Now here’s a tip

• The way some items are packaged these days, you need to be Houdini to get into them. When you’re dealing with blister packs — items sealed inside a hard plastic wrapper that looks to be heat-crimped on the outside — try your can opener. You can run it around the edge of stubborn plastic packages, enough to get the item out. It’s more secure and safer than a carpet knife or razor.

• Want to be able to tell at a glance which key belongs to the front door, the shed, your grandma’s house, etc.? Raid your (or your wife or daughter’s) stash of nail polish to paint the tops of keys to color-code them.

• “Styrofoam trays that come with meat or in the produce area are very handy helpers for lots of little jobs. If yours are clean and unmarred, wash with hot, soapy water, rinse and dry for later. They are perfect for sending a friend home with leftovers, as you can cover the meal with plastic wrap. There is then no need to return a plate.” — D. in Indiana

• For a deck of playing cards that has gotten sticky, put it in a bag (paper or plastic) and add a bit of baby powder. Shake vigorously. Take the cards out and shuffle to get rid of the extra powder. They are likely good as new.

• “Tidy loosely folded electric cords by storing them in cardboard tubes. The tubes can be cut to fit from a paper towel roll, or you can use a smaller toilet paper roll. Even long cords can be stored together in a gift-wrap core. Do not overfill a tube, nor wind any electrical cord too tightly.” — O.R. in Nevada

• If you have a juice spill on clothing, try using club soda to remove it while the stain is fresh.

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