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Now here’s a tip

• If you have a plasticbristle broom that’s starting to get really ragged, don’t get rid of it: turn it into a scrub broom. Trim the bristles down to about an inch. You can even cut them at an angle. Then you can use this broom to scrub stubborn spots. The bristles are nice and tight when they’re so short.

• Check your windshield wiper blades. Are they smeary? Before you replace them, use a paper towel and rubbing alcohol to clean the blades. They might have life left in them yet!

• Still fireplace season in your neck of the woods? Most of us know not to burn magazine inserts or anything plastic, but did you know that you CAN add some spice to your fire? Save the peel from your citrus fruits (oranges, tangerines, grapefruit — even lemons and limes) to add to your fire. They burn well, and the smell great!

• “We had a piece of linoleum left over when we replaced the kitchen flooring. It was almost a perfect size to put over our picnic table. We use it for crafts and whenever we don’t want anything to fall through the boards. It stores neatly against the wall behind our outdoor shelves when we aren’t using it!” — R. in Minnesota

• If you have a light bulb that has broken off in the socket and you need to get it out to replace it, use needle-nose pliers to grab the metal ring and unscrew it. If that doesn’t work, you might be able to use a bar of soap to grab any glass shards sticking out, and unscrew it that way.

• When I put on my stockings, I put on my dish gloves first. It sounds silly, but I do not have any snags in my stockings, and the grip of the gloves makes them easy to pull up and adjust for a perfect fit. — W.M. in New York

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