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Now here’s a tip

• When putting in new plants, tear tinfoil into strips, then use toothpicks or small stakes to pin them to the ground in your new garden. It will keep the cats out, and can even discourage birds.

• To remove the fat from your pot roast or other slowcooked meat dish, refrigerate after cooking. The fat will float to the top of the juices and coagulate. Remove this layer of fat and then reheat.

• “My kids are long past wagon size, but their wagon isn’t done hauling yet. I put it to good use in the garden. I can park it in the shed, stocked with all the things I might need. It’s very handy.” — A.A. in Florida

• “When starting a new exercise class, be sure to give it a full month before you decide whether you like it. Especially classes that are harder, since you might be very sore and think that means you don’t care for the class.” — L.M. in Virginia

• “Dedicate a photo album to class photos. It will be easy to see the changes your little ones have gone through over the years. It’s especially nice when you include the individual portraits for each year and make the album for just one child. It makes a special gift, too.” — J.K. in Pennsylvania

• To sharpen a pair of worn scissors, try cutting through a piece of aluminum foil that is doubled or tripled over. Be sure to clean and dry scissors you use in the kitchen.

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