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Now here’s a tip

• Soak your metal tools in Coca-Cola when they get gummed up. It does a great job of loosening the gunk, and after a few hours in a Coke bath, you can practically just brush stuff right off. Makes you wonder about drinking it … but whatever works!

• If you get the Sunday newspaper, you likely get coupons. Perhaps there are others who would enjoy any coupons you don’t use rather than your recycling them. Ask your neighbors and friends.

• To make a cottagecheese dip, blend it in your food processor until smooth and add your dip flavoring packet or season with flavors as you would sour cream.

• “You can use a Thermos to keep soup warm as a lunch option. Just get a clean funnel for the kitchen and use it to add soup to the Thermos. It makes a good alternative for mixing up your lunch options, especially in cold weather. Before you fill the Thermos with your hot food, fill it with boiling water and let it sit for a good five minutes. Then empty out the water just before filling. The food will stay hot longer.” — E.D. in Wisconsin

• If you have a smartphone (or just a cellphone that takes pictures), there’s a new, novel way of keeping track of printed information: Snap a quick pic. This works for store hours (get the store name in the picture with the hours), receipts, sales advertisements for reference when shopping and much, much more. You can delete the photo when you are done.

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