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Now here’s a tip

• “Thawing frozen water pipes can be very tricky. Some people use a hot pad wrapped around the pipe; others have been known to use a hair dryer. (Electricity and water don’t mix, though. Be careful.) Hopefully, you learned any lessons the easy way this winter, but if you had to patch any pipes, make sure you get them repaired ASAP. Sometimes people forget as soon as the weather turns nice.” — A Plumber in Illinois

• When drilling holes in the wall, tape an envelope, open side out, to the wall just under where you’ll be drilling. Open the envelope up a bit so that any dust will fall directly down into the opening. It will keep your working area nice and neat!

• To make a special quilted keepsake, sew together baby’s receiving blankets.

• Want a delicious coating for chicken? Try basting with mayonnaise, and then dip in crushed crackers. The crumbs stick well to the mayo, and it’s especially delicious with crushed butter crackers, like Ritz.

• When washing stockings by hand, add a tablespoon of vinegar to the rinse water. It will keep the stretch better. Also, if you line-dry them outdoors, slip a spoon or a few coins into the toe. This will keep them from twisting up in the wind.

• “If, like me, you are washing your winter sweaters to pack away, add a bit of hair conditioner to the rinse. Also, don’t try to pull them into shape when drying. Just lay them flat. If you have a screen, you can set it up so that the sweater dries from both sides. This is best.” — D.Y. in Kentucky

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