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Now here’s a tip

• When you get near the end of a roll of paper towels, save it to put in your car. Put together a kit to keep in the car with the following items: a small bottle of Windex or other cleaner, a squeeze bottle of water, some wet wipes and the short roll of paper towels. You’ll always be ready for a quick on-the-road cleanup.

• To kick the itch from bug bites, make a mixture of half lime juice and half water. Apply to bug bites on a soaked cotton ball.

• When you finish a woodworking project, save your leftover bits of sandpaper and use them to sharpen your scissors. All you need is a piece long enough to cut through few times.

• “Plastic grocery bags are handy for so many uses, but keeping them organized was always a pain, until I discovered that I could use an empty tissue box to store them. I just ball up each bag individually (so there is no air trapped) and stuff it in the tissue box. You can do the same thing for larger amounts of bags by using an empty 12-pack soda box. I store one of these in my shop.” — Fred C. from Pennsylvania

• “Tired of squirrels on your bird feeders? String a line of 2-liter soda bottles (as many as you like) together, and hang them between two trees, with the feeder in the middle. Works like a charm.” — C.V. in Maine

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