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Now here’s a tip

+ How long do tennis shoes last? You can keep them smelling nice with baking soda or charcoal briquettes, but after about 500 miles of wear, the materials start to break down. If they are just your walkingaround shoes, you can stretch that a bit longer, but if you are a runner and rely on their stability and support, toss and replace.

+ Have white linens that need a little brightening? Boil up a pot of water, add several lemon slices (squeezed out) and then add the linens. Allow to soak until cool, and then launder as usual.

+ “If you have small children, you no doubt have many small plastic toys that could use a little cleaning. If you use a mesh laundry bag made for delicates, you can put those pieces right in your dishwasher, in most cases. This works especially well for bath toys, but it can be used for Barbie dolls and other all-plastic items, too. Make sure you put the bag on the top rack only!” – A.J. in Florida

+ “I have always found it hard to fold fitted sheets. They used to end up in a terrible ball, stuffed in the linen closet. Then my roommate showed me how she folds hers: Put them on the bed first. Then take one side over to the other, and fold. I even fold the fitted and flat sheets together, and stuff the whole square into a pillowcase. It’s much neater this way.” – M.G. in Washington

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