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The Very Best Tips of 2007

• “After the rush of the holidays, our family has a little tradition of its own. We reserve one night to watch all our home movies from the season. We usually end up watching some of the other years’ too. And our son has become a whiz at putting together slideshows on DVD of digital pictures, so we look forward to the first of many photo slideshows to add to the night’s entertainment.” – Y.K. in Alabama

• “I usually get plastic bags when grocery shopping, but I have the bagger package all frozen foods together in a paper bag. The bag is easily identifiable so it can be taken inside and put away first.” – A.D. in Washington

• “To keep the fabric belts on my daughters’ shorts and pants in place, I stitched the center of the belt to the back loop of the garment. The bow never pulls to one side, or falls off! It’s great for keeping them with the right pair of pants or shorts.” – O.S. in Wisconsin

• “If you have small children, you might want to keep a red washcloth in your first-aid kit. Sometimes, the sight of blood can upset a child out of proportion with the injury. If you use a red washcloth, blood won’t show and you can spend your time calming the hurt, not the emotion.” – School nurse in Arizona

• “I hang two mesh laundry bags from the back of the bathroom door. Bras and undergarments go into one, socks in the other. I toss them in the wash just as they are, and no sorting is required after they are done.” – D.C. in Mississippi

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