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Now here’s a tip

• To ripen a green tomato, wrap it in a sheet of newspaper or place it in a paper bag. It can then be left on the counter for several days to ripen.

• To keep ice crystals from forming on the top of your quart of ice cream, just cut a square of plastic wrap and push it down onto the surface of the ice cream each time you scoop a bowlful out. It peels off easily when you’re ready for another helping, but there’s no ice! It works for me!” — T.D. in Nebraska

• White vinegar will clean fruit or food-coloring stains from your hands — and most other places, too!

• F.J. of Texas writes: “Keep a fresh roll of unscented toilet tissue in the kitchen to clean up the stove and countertop. It works well because of its absorbency, and it saves money on expensive paper towels.”

• “If you add a teaspoon of sugar to your biscuit mix or to the dough for rolls, it will help them to brown well and they will come out of the oven with golden tops.” — Jan R. of Michigan

• “You can get five or six more uses out of a pumptop lotion bottle if you cut off the top to access the lotion inside that doesn’t come out of the pump once the level is too low. You’d be surprised how much is still in there!

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