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Now here’s a tip

• If your kids (or you) like cereal, be sure to save the heavy plastic liners that hold the cereal inside the box. They are really handy when freezing meat patties in stacks. You can use them to separate layers of cookies, too.

• “I just finished packing up my house to move, and this little tip was a dandy: Use a toothpick to keep the open end of your tape from disappearing. When you cut the tape, slip a toothpick at the end that’s still on the roll. You will never have to go fishing for it again.” — L.K. in New Mexico

• “I’m spring cleaning. I like to touch up my baseboards, because I think it makes the rooms look fresher. I use a plastic dustpan as I go along. I press it up against the wall, and I can paint along without fear of getting paint on the wall above the baseboard. The rubber gasket along the bottom of the dustpan makes a great seal against the wall.” — A Reader, via email

• Keep buttons secure by painting the threads with a dab of clear nail polish.

• If you still have a paper vacuum bag, tuck a fabricsoftener sheet into it before you attach it to your cleaner. As the air flows through it, the smell of the fabric softener will freshen your home.

• If your water takes a minute to warm up, keep a pitcher by the sink. Let the water flow into the pitcher until it gets warm. Then, use that water (which otherwise would have been wasted) on your houseplants and in your garden.

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