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Now here’s a tip

• Want a refreshing, lowcal beverage that’s seriously inexpensive and feels lavish? Fill a pretty glass pitcher with ice water and add some sliced cucumber. It looks straight out of the spa, and it’s pretty tasty, too.

• “We packed away all of our winter items, as it’s finally starting to feel like springtime, but one thing we didn’t pack away is the small packets of hand or foot warmers. These are packs that, when exposed to air, heat up and provide moderate heat for several hours. The ones we bought have adhesive on one side, and we can slap them on our baby’s bottle to warm it when we’re out and about. They really work.” — R.G. in New York

• No time in the morning to wash and blow-dry your hair? Use a refreshing mist and just do the sides. Keep some dry shampoo around. Use it and give your hair a quick blast with the dryer.

• “Did you know that there’s as much or more sugar in those delicious frozen coffee drinks as there is in a soda or a milkshake? I didn’t realize it, and since I have switched to sugarfree, and only sometimes, I have noticed the difference. Pay attention to what’s in your beverage!” — C.C. in Ohio

• Ready to hit the beach or lakeside? Make your own sneaky, secure money keeper by cleaning out an empty bottle of sunscreen. Choose one that has a wide mouth if you can. If not, try to make an even cut at the top of the label. Then just slide the bottle open, put your valuables in and secure with tape. It will look like you brought a bottle of sunscreen, and no one will know that your money or even a cell phone is inside!

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