Whitesburg KY

Now here’s a tip

• If you keep aloe around for soothing your skin after too much time in the sun, take this tip from J.C. in Florida: Keep the aloe in your fridge; it keeps it cool, and it feels even more refreshing.

• Want to eat more fruits and vegetables? Keep precut fruit and easy veggie dippers like carrots, bell pepper strips and celery at eye level in see-through containers in your refrigerator. The more you see it, the more you’ll eat it.

• Wedding Tip: To create a beautiful garland for banisters, use white or lightcolored tulle, draped in sections and gathered with a lovely bow. Twist the tulle around a string of clear lights for an even more dramatic effect.

• To create an easy resting mat for toddlers, sew three pillow cases together in a row along the long end. When needed, stuff three pillows in, and it creates a long mat, suitable for naptime or TV time.

• Use wide, flat rubber bands, such as you might find on a broccoli stalk, to identify your drinking glass. Write each person’s name in permanent marker on the band, and slip over the glass. Another benefit? It makes the glass non-slip!

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