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Now here’s a tip

• “Before traveling, I write down the numbers, expiration dates and contact information for any credit cards I plan to bring with me. I keep one copy hidden in my luggage, and another is left with a friend back home. This way, if anything happens to my wallet, I can easily call and cancel cards and arrange for replacements.” — R.E. in New York

• Lipstick on your linens? Dab with petroleum jelly, then dish soap. Then launder as usual. Be sure the stain is removed before you dry the linens.

• “If you have trouble with your pantyhose, give them a spray with an antistatic spray first. Then put them on. They seem to slide up better, and it’s much easier to get a grip on them. Also, it seems to keep them from running so easily.” — D.V. in Washington

• A clean windshield not only offers a good view, it’s safer! If your windshield blades still look good but are smearing, wipe them down with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. If the cotton pulls off on the blade, it’s time to replace. If not, the alcohol will likely clean up that smudge.

• Natural peanut butter fan? Store your jar upside down. The oil will settle to the top, and when you flip it over, it will be less messy to stir. No peanut oil sloshing down the side of the jar!

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