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Now here’s a tip

• Family reunions are fun and worthwhile. Being together with many generations is a wonderful experience. Often, these gatherings are highly scheduled, but remember to set aside time — and a designated place — to simply sit and talk. Here are some other great family reunion tips from our readers. — JoAnn

• T-shirts are fun for reunion memorabilia, but we also did water bottle koozies this year, and they were a big hit. You can write your name in permanent marker on one side, and then you can keep track of your bottle. — B.F. in Georgia

• We find that when planning our reunion, the young adults really like theme parties, so we always have a mixer theme night to start. We had a scavenger hunt for the children, where we collected clues about some of our more senior family members. To figure out who it was, the kids would listen to them tell stories and ask questions. What a great time for all! — T.E.

• Make sure that you schedule sitters for the little ones so that the adults can relax and participate. Last year, each adult with kids (and some who just wanted to help out) took shifts to be official kid wranglers and entertainers. They did an outstanding job, and the unscheduled parents had time to reconnect with adults without dividing their attention. It felt good that someone was designated “in charge.” — P.G. in California

• Our family has several members with allergy restrictions and alternative food requirements. I made sure to write up a list, which I made copies of and passed along to all our planned food venues. This way, there was advance notice for those who needed gluten-free and vegetarian options. — M.S. in Florida

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