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Now here’s a tip

• My best tip for the beach? A laundry basket and a bungee cord. I put my cooler, bags and beach toys in the basket and pull it along the sand using the bungee. It has worked for me many times — and it’s so convenient to keep things corralled! Here are more tips on beach vacationing. — JoAnn

• “Freeze bottles of water (take out a sip or two to allow the ice to expand) and juice boxes or pouches before you head out to the beach (or anytime you’re taking a cooler). They will act as ice packs to keep food and snacks cool, and double as refreshing beverages along the way!” — A.A. in Florida

• “My eyesight started to falter a few years ago, and I had found that my glasses slipped and were uncomfortable during seaside trips. I dearly love to read, and have since discovered audiobooks, or books on tape. I download them to a digital music player and can listen all day if I like. It also allows me to people watch and even doze off! I am almost 80, so I can do that if I feel like it!” — R.A. in Connecticut

• “I keep an empty gallon jug in the trunk of my car. When I go to the beach, if there’s no shower, I can fill it with water at a faucet and get a good rinse there before I leave.” — L.G. in Mississippi

• I bring a thin, nylon bag to the beach in case I go shopping or collect shells, etc. It folds and zips down really small, so it takes no room, but has come in handy most times I’ve gone to the shore. —T.T. in New York

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