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Mostly clear

Now here’s a tip

• “ Popsicles and ice cream bars don’t make drippy messes when the stick is slipped through a small paper plate. Make a slit in the center, and push it through. You can even write names on the plate for fun.” — R.E. in Michigan

• “Purchase a brightly colored garbage can to corral outdoor toys in the yard. You can get them in red or bright blue these days, so they’ll stand out from the regular trash can and you won’t get confused. They work great to hold balls and even small riding toys for toddlers. It helps to keep the yard straightened up.” — R.R. in Florida

• “I wash and save the little plastic containers that hold condiments from takeout orders. They are fantastic for keeping my extra buttons organized in my sewing box.” — J.J. in Pennsylvania

• “ When filling your weekly pill minder, have a pair of tweezers handy. It will cut the aluminum foil on the top of the pill bottle, it works well to get the cotton out of the bottle, and just in case you drop a pill in the wrong compartment, it works great to remove it and put it in the correct one.” — A.S. in Colorado

• “I keep a framed photo of my child on my desk at home. Behind the photo in the frame is a piece of paper on which I write important user names and passwords to sites I use infrequently. This way I remember where they are, and they are still relatively secure. — A Reader, via email

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