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Now here’s a tip

• “Assorted hardware seems to collect in big, random piles in our tiny workshop. Nails, screws and bolts of all sizes are mixed together, tossed on the bench when a project is complete. Every so often, the kids and I make a game of sorting and organizing it using a muffin pan. It’s easy to sort by size and type!” — JoAnn

• “After cleaning my paintbrushes recently, I decided to hang them from the clothesline to dry. It worked great, as the bristles were nice and soft after they dried. I think it helped to hang them straight down.” — O.C. in Washington

• Before you start a painting project and head to the hardware store, determine what you might need and raid your recycling bin for containers.

• Here’s a great way to get your lawn tools organized and off the floor: If you have any PVC pipe, cut some 4- or 5-inch sections and screw them into the wall, vertically, a foot or two from the floor in your garage. Slip the handle of your rake, garden hoe, broom, etc. down into the pipe, and it will stay stable against the wall. Make sure the pipe is wide enough for the handle.

• There are lots of shop, lawn and garden fluids that are not allowed in the trash. Contact your waste-management provider to see if there’s a place you can drop off hazardous waste in your community.

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