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Now here’s a tip

• Glitter cleanup can be a hassle. Here’s my tip for getting it up quickly with no mess left behind: Use play dough. Just press it into the stray glitter, and it will pick the glitter right up. Then, you’ve created Glitter Dough! Oh, your kids will be impressed. Here are some more kid tips. — JoAnn

• Can’t seem to part with those baby blankets now that the kids are not babies anymore? Don’t! Sew them into floor pillow covers and watch the kids get a few more years out of them.

• “My daughter is old enough to play on our street with her friends, but not necessarily old enough for a cellphone. Instead, we repurposed a set of walkie talkies. Her boundary is in walkie-talkie range, and we can communicate. Plus, it’s just fun!” — T.F. in Maryland

• “Our friends who live in an apartment have a great storable-sandbox solution. They use a plastic underthe bed storage bin filled with sand and toys. It has a lid and can be stored easily on their balcony. The kids still get to play in the sand, even on rainy days.” — W. in Kentucky

• “I saw this idea in a magazine somewhere, and now I make them for other moms and dads as they are cute and functional: Make a cell-number beaded bracelet your kids can wear when you go out. Little kids may not remember Mommy’s cell phone number, but they can bring the bracelet to a store employee and ask him or her to call the number on the bracelet. Use elastic thread and colorful number beads.” — P.S. in Oregon

• Using a 1/4-inch hole punch, which you can get at a hardware store for cheap, it’s easy to make a straw hole in the plastic tops of kids’ single-serving drinks, like milk and water bottles. Less chance of a spill.

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