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Now here’s a tip

• This week we offer a hodgepodge of tips. Here’s one of my favorites: Use kitchen tongs to retrieve an item that’s stuck behind a heavy piece of furniture. It is much easier than trying to move the couch. — JoAnn

• “To save money on going out to eat, we purchase gift cards at the local warehouse club we belong to. It’s usually 10 percent or 15 percent below face value, but that helps with the tip and tax.” — E.S. in Missouri

• “Old suitcases (hardsided ones) are really fun holders for craft supplies. You can use hook and loop tape to secure smaller containers to the inside lining. This has worked well for my scrapbooking supplies. They are easy to carry from room to room.” — L.A. in Georgia

• If you have too many suds in the sink (or the tub), try pouring salt on the suds. They die down and can be washed away without creating more suds.

• “We attached an overthe door plastic shoe organizer to the back of our pantry door. The slots that are reachable by the kids hold healthy, single-serving snacks for the morning, to include in lunches or for after school snacking. It’s easy and the kids have choices!” — M.M. in West Virginia

• Trying to lose weight? Many of us eat portions that are waaaaay too big. Try using a smaller plate, or one with a border around it. Studies show that people who do so serve themselves less food and still feel satisfied.

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