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Now here’s a tip

• When I need to dust the ceiling, I don’t have a fancy contraption; I just use my broom. If you have popcorn ceilings, you can rubberband a feather duster to the end of your broom. Look around your house, and maybe you’ll find a sneaky cleaning purpose for everyday items. — JoAnn

• Dirty candles can be cleaned up quickly with a leg of pantyhose. Slip the candle in the hose, rub the outside of the candle and release.

• “Rub banana on CDs with scratches. Wipe excess off with a soft towel, and make sure all of the banana is gone before you put it in your player. It usually does the trick for me.” — E. in Maine

• You can use a coffee filter to clean the screen of your television. It’s not scratchy, and it’s non-static. Be sure not to press down hard into today’s screens. And use only approved cleaners for your flat-screen and plasma television sets.

• “I purchased a medium size colander with a handle at the dollar store. I have it hanging on a hook in the kids’ bathtub. It’s much easier for them to scoop toys out of the water, and more fun, too, I think.” — A.C. in Nebraska

• Need to clean your iron? Scrub the face with salt. Then heat it and run the iron over the salt. I pour the salt on foil for even more heat effect.

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