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Now here’s a tip

• With holidays on the way, money is getting tight in my household. This is a fun, creative way to save a bit of cash: Plan a no-spend weekend every month, where you don’t spend any money on your activities. Challenge your children to help you plan it, or take turns finding activities. — JoAnn

• “ To keep my sharp kitchen scissors in the kitchen, I tied a long piece of yarn to the handle and attached it to the handle of the drawer I keep them in. Now, those scissors get used in the kitchen, or nowhere!” — J.J. in Florida

• Remove scuff marks from hard-surface floors (wood, linoleum, tile) with a clean tennis ball. If your floor has many scuffs, you can poke a hole in the tennis ball and insert it on the top of your broom handle. When you hit a scuff, flip your broom over and rub. Most come off right away!

• “Buy pretty dishtowels and tablecloths on clearance and clip them on curtain rods for a quick window treatment.” — T.C. in Texas

• Here’s a great, natural solution for tightening your facial pores, and it feels wonderful on tired skin, too. Start by brewing a cup of rosehip tea and pouring it into an ice-cube tray to freeze. When it’s all frozen, take out a cube. Wrap it inside of a washcloth, and wet just the spot where the cube is. Then, rub it over your face.

• “My kids use rewards charts for chores and good behavior, etc. I used to get some little toys at the dollar store for rewards, but I ended up at the local thrift store one day and noticed that there were plenty of nice, small toys that were actually cheaper than at the dollar store! Plus, they are getting one more use, and that’s good for the environment!” — A.K. in Pennsylvania

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